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How to Properly Clean an AR-15: 8 Essential Steps

Title: An Expert's Guide to Properly Cleaning an AR-15: 8 Essential Steps In recent years, AR-15 rifles have become increasingly popular among gun enthusiasts and collectors. However, many new owners often lack the knowledge needed to maintain these firearms properly. It's crucial to remember that neglect and improper cleaning can lead to AR-15 malfunctions. This article will guide you through a detailed, eight-step process to keep your AR-15 performing at its best. 1.  Disassemble the Gun The first step to cleaning your AR-15 is to ensure it's unloaded and then break it down into its primary components. You'll need to separate the upper and lower receivers, remove the bolt carrier, and disassemble the bolt, which includes removing the...  Read More

Build Your Own AR-15

Building Your Own AR-15 This is a complete list (27 Parts) of everything you need to build an AR-15 rifle. Underneath each component is a list of suggested products the Guns Inc. experts use or have used in the past on AR-15 builds. There are many different ways to configure an AR-15, from AS9100D Certified and ITAR Registered shops machining custom competition, match-grade lowers to mass-produced cheap polymer lowers. Each AR-15 build is going to vary, depending on your reason for building the rifle. It might be a 9mm carbine, long-range precision (DMR or SPR) or simply just a fun firearm, this guide will get you started and we'll do our best to lead you in the right direction. 1. Stripped Lower Receiver The "Stripped Lower Recei...  Read More

Pennsylvania Gun Laws

STATE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION - Article 1, Section 21. “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” GUN LAWS OVERVIEW   RIFLES & SHOTGUNS HANDGUNS Permit to Purchase No No Registration of Firearms No No Licensing of Owners No No Permit to Carry No Yes The list and map below are included as a tool to assist you in validating your information.  We have made every effort to report the information correctly, however reciprocity and recognition agreements are subject to frequent change.  The information is not intended as legal advice or a restatement of law and does not include:  restrictions that may be placed on non-resi...  Read More